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Our Story

Ordinary people- exhilarating journey!
Little did we know that our regular health camps in the villages of Gujarat would lead us to create Octopus Care. Having established ourselves in our respective careers, we had this itch to satisfy our social conscience by doing our bit to uplift those in need.
During the health camps, we were shaken by the horrific condition of the rural women due to the ignorance and social stigma related to menstrual cycle. Being women, we took this as a challenge. We sourced and delivered affordable sanitary napkins (Maitreya) at their door steps. It didn’t stop there.
Our continued  awareness drives made us cognizant of their every day struggles on different  social and economic fronts. This strengthened our resolve to help make a difference. Pitching in all we had, resources, aspirations and dreams,  we envisioned to  forge an entity that would socioeconomically uplift the rural youth. This is how the foundation of  Octopus Care was laid. We nurtured it, made mistakes, reworked, until, made sure that it got its footing right.

The present day Octopus Care is cruising along towards  being internationally acclaimed manufacturer of finest natural personal care. All this while keeping the focus on :
Continual improvisation of the natural personal care products by upgradation of the resources, both human and material.
Women empowerment and creating employment opportunities for the rural youth.
Easy availability of cost effective, authentic, natural skin and hair care.   

Octopus Care, a GMP, FDCA & ISO certified company, based in a serene village, on the banks of river Narmada, Gujarat.

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